Car Air Freshener Vent Clip Premium Perfume Cars Scent Bahrain Starter Kit up to 90 Days

The Car Breeze collection of family car perfumes is the best answer to eternal need for fun, relaxation and joy in the company of your loved ones. Near and far family trips will take on new light if they are accompanied by an unforgettable scent. Highlighting the preciousness of every moment spent together.

Imagine a beach sunset in Bahrain, sipping cool Campari drinks with your friends, vibrant rhythms of stirring musicians dancing on sand. Imagine sports cars parked close to the beach and modern skyscrapers in the distance. The red sun captured in ripe citrus fruit and juvenile freshness in green tea and sweet juice melon. We have created the scent full of youth, generosity and joy the life.

The head note: mandarin, orange, grapefruit, orange flower, green tea

The heart note: peony, magnolia, lily of the valley, basil, passion fruit, melon

The base note: sandal wood, amber, musk

Scent condenser perfumes are released in a delicate and even manner up to 90 days  

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